Baluschek, Hans

BORN 9 May 1870, Breslau (now: Wroclaw) - DIED 28 Sep 1935, Berlin: Franziskus-Krankenhaus
GRAVE LOCATION Stahnsdorf, Brandenburg: Wilmersdorfer Waldfriedhof, Bahnhofstraße 2 (LI-SIII-334 (Ehrengrab))

Hans Baluschek was born as the son of a railway engineer in Breslau. From 1889 until 1894 he studied art in Berlin. In 1899 he was one of the founders of he Berliner Secession and in 1900 he became a teacher at the Künstlerinnenschule in Berlin (Käthe Kollwitz was one of his collegues).

Baluschek married the actress Charlotte von Pazatka-Lipinski in 1902. Because of the social engagement in his work "Opfer" it was criticized by emperor Wilhelm II. In 1908 he opened a private painting school for women. He divorced his wife in 1913 and married his pupil Irene Drösse. They had two daughters.

During the First World War he served in the army for a while and in 1917 he painted "Kriegswinter". In 1919 he became active for the SPD and tried to improve the situation of artists. When the nazis came to power they declared him an entartete Künstler (degenerate artist). He died in Berlin in 1935. First he was buried at the Friedhof Schöneberg I, but his remains were moved to the Wilmersdorfer Waldfriedhof.


The grave of Hans Baluschek at the Wilmersdorfer Waldfriedhof, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (13 Nov 2004)


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