Bock, Gustav

BORN 2 Mar 1813, Berlin - DIED 27 Apr 1863, Berlin
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Alter St. Matthäus Friedhof, Grossgörschenstrasse 12

Gustav Bock was the son of the pedagogue Moses Hirsch Bock (1781-1816). In 1941 he started working in the book and music publishing business. He married Emily Brody in 1842 and they held private concerts at their salon in their apartment.

On 27 January 1838 he founded the music publishing house Ed. Bote & G. Bock together with Eduard Bote. They became one of the largest music publishers in Germany. To lower the costs of their publications their books were prepared by prisoners in Moabit and Spandau.

In 1845 he was a co-founder of the Berliner Tonkünstlerverein and he also involved in the Neue Berliner Musikzeitung. In 1847 king Friedrich Wilhelm IV appointed him court music dealer. He died in Berlin in 1863.

Bock was a well known personality in Berlin.


The grave of Gustav Bock at the Alter St. Matthäus Friedhof, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (28 Aug 2008)


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