Svetlá, Karolina

BORN 24 Feb 1830, Praha - DIED 7 Sep 1899, Praha
BIRTH NAME Rottova, Karolina
GRAVE LOCATION Praha: Olsany Cemetery, 2807 Vinohradská (Cemetery 4, Section 8, Grave 8)

Karolina Svetlá was the daughter of a merchant. She married Professor Petr Muzak (1821-1892) in 1852. Her husband introduced her to the author Bozena Nemcova, whom she befriended. Karolina started to write herself and used the birthplace of her husband, Svetlá, as her pen name.

The death of her only daughter put her into a crisis and she had a brief affair with the poet Jan Néruda. She was probably the love of his life, but she decided to stay with her husband and ended the affair.

Svetlá wrote historic novels of a romantic nature, but her work handled serious themes, like the religious struggles of country folk in "The Cross by the Stream". Like Nemcova, she was involved in the question of rights for women.

The author Sofie Podlipská is her younger sister.

Related persons
• was a friend of Nemcova, Bozena
• has a connection with Néruda, Jan


The grave of Karolina Svetlá at the Olsany Cemetery, Prague.
Picture by Androom (18 Aug 2000)


Swynnerton, Annie Louisa

Published: 01 Jan 2006
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