Dusek, Frantisek Xaver

BORN 8 Dec 1731, Choteborky - DIED 12 Feb 1799, Praha
GRAVE LOCATION Praha: Malostransky Cemetery, Plzenska Street (I,7)

Frantisek Dusek was the son of a farmer. Graf Sporck enabled him to study the harpsichord in Vienna under G.C. Wagenseil. In 1770 he settled in Praque where he became a well known pianist and music teacher. As a composer he created sonatas, variations and concertos Dusek married his pupil Josepha Hambacher who was a famous pianist and soprano.

It is often stated that Mozart was a friend of Dusek and stayed several times at his Villa Betranka. Mozart never mentioned this and there are no reports from witnesses who saw him there. However, Mozart's son Karl Thomas, who was one of Dusek's pupils, reported in 1856 that he had heard that his father had visited Dusek at the Villa Bertranka in 1797.

• Wife: Duskova, Josefina (1776-1799)

Related persons
• was teacher of Mozart, Carl Thomas
• was a friend of Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus


The grave of Frantisek Dusek and Josefina Duskova at the Malostransky cemetery, Prague.
Picture by Androom (11 Aug 2019)


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