Zorn, Anders

BORN 18 Feb 1860, Mora - DIED 22 Aug 1920, Mora
GRAVE LOCATION Mora: Mora cemetery

Educated at the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm. In 1888 his "In Mourning" was exhibited at the Student Exhibition and soon he started receiving commissions. In 1885 he married Emma Lamm and for eleven years they lived in England and Paris, returning to Sweden in the summers.

He had worked mostly in watercolour, but in 1888 he turned to oil painting. "A Fisherman in St. Ives" was bought by France. From 1888 to 1896 he lived in Paris and he was awarded the Légion d'Honneur at the age of 29. Zorn made many trips to the USA and painted portraits of the presidents Grover Cleveland (1899) and William Taft (1911).

In 1896 the Zorns moved back to Sweden and settled in Mora. They were very much part of the local community there and his wife Emma established several organisations, among them a children's home and a school. In Mora Zorn painted his "Midsummer Dance" (1896). In 1906 Zorn organized a music contest in an attempt to revive traditional Swedish folk music. He succeeded and the Zorn Award is still an important prize.

Zorn received a lot of commissions for portraits and in 1909 Queen Sofia herself sat for her portrait. He also created sculptures and was famous for his etchings.

When he died in 1920 Archbishop N. Söderblom conducted the funeral service and the royal family was represented.

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