Pettrich, Franz Seraph

BORN 29 Aug 1770, Trebnitz, Bohemia - DIED 23 Jan 1844, Dresden, Sachsen
GRAVE LOCATION Dresden, Sachsen: Alter Katholischer Friedhof, Friedrichstrasse 54

Franz Seraph Pettrich grew up in Bohemia. He worked for a sculptor in Prague before he moved to Dresden in 1789 to study at the Academy of Art under Giovanni Battista Casanova. He worked for Court sculptor Johann Baptist Dorsch and his work at the Zwinger attracted attention. Soon he received his own commissions and he started his own studio.

In 1795 he became a court sculptor to Friedrich August III and in 1801 he travelled to Italy. There Canova learned him and Thorvaldsen how to work witn marble. In 1805 he returned to Dresaden. In 1815 he became a professor at the Academy in Dresden and he held this position until he died in 1844. One of his students was Ernst Rietschel.

Many of his works can be found on the old cemeteries in Dresden. His first wife was Karoline Dittrich from Bautzen, with whom he had three children. His second wife was Juliane Gottschalk from Dresden. They both died early.

Related persons
• was teacher to Casanova, Giovanni Batista
• designed grave monument of Casanova, Giovanni Batista


The grave of Franz Seraph Pettrich at the Innerer Katholischen Friedhof, Dresden is the left on the foreground. The tomb with the statue of the sleeping woman is the burial place of his wives Caroline Dittrich and Juliane Gottschalk.
Picture by Androom (5 Aug 1998)


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