Milan, Emil

BORN 2 Apr 1859, Frankfurt am Main, Hessen - DIED 13 Mar 1917, Berlin
BIRTH NAME Meyer, Emil Milan August Jacob
GRAVE LOCATION Stahnsdorf, Brandenburg: Südwestkirchhof, Bahnhofstrasse (Block Trinitatis, Am Feld 4a, bei Brunnen Erbbegräbnis 4)

Emil Milan was educated in Frankfurt am Main. He started a career as a merchant, but soon he gave it up for the thratre. He worked in Hagen (1886), at the Hoftheater in Meiningen (1886-1887) and in Cologne (1888-1892), where he also worked as a director. He also stated working as a monologist and his performances were successful.

When he was forty he studied German language and literature in Zürich in order to widen his knowledge. He worked as a teacher at Max Reinhardt's acting school and as a director at the Deutschen theater in Berlin. In 1915 he became a professor. His wife was a former pupil, the actress Adele Doré.

• Wife: Milan-Doré, Adele


The grave of Emil and Adele Milan-Doré at the Südwestfriedhof, Stahnsdorf.
Picture by Androom (24 Aug 2013)


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Milan-Doré, Adele

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