Bourgeois, Louise

BORN 25 Dec 1911, Paris - DIED 31 May 2010, New York City, New York
GRAVE LOCATION Cutchogue, Suffolk County, New York: Cutchogue Cemetery

Louise Bourgeois' father had a tapestry restoration business and she grew up amidst art, but she studied mathematics at the Sorbonne to bring logic into her life. But after a while she considered maths to be too theoretical and turned towards art.

She studied at the École du Louvre and the École des Beaux-Arts and worked as an assistant to Fernand Léger. She married the art historian Robert Goldwater and they moved to New York, where she set up as a painter in 1938. In New York she knew Duchamp and Giacometti.

For many years her sculptures attracted little attention. She created organic objects, often with a sexual charge and frequently frightening. In the eighties the importance of her work was finally recognized.

Work: 'In and Out No. 2' (1995-1996), once happily mistaken for 'an elephant' by a small child of three.

Related persons
• knew Duchamp, Marcel
• worked for Léger, Fernand


'In and Out No. 2'.
Picture by Pat/Androom (Jun 1998)


Den Haag Sculptuur 98, Connaissance des Arts, Paris, 1998
De Volkskrant

Boussac, Marcel

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