Gargallo, Pablo

BORN 5 Jan 1881, Maella, Aragon - DIED 28 Dec 1934, Reus, Tarragona
BIRTH NAME Gargallo, Pablo Emilio
CAUSE OF DEATH fulminating bronchial pneumonia

Pablo Gargallo was born in Maella, Aragon and moved to Barcelona with his family in 1888. He started creating objects from flat metal plates and he moved to Paris, where he lived in Le Bateau-Lavoir, a commune of artists where Juan Gris and Pablo Picasso lived as well. In 1913 Gris introduced him to Magali Tartanson, a young french artist and model. He married her in 1915 in Barcelona. In 1922 they had a daughter, Pierrette.

After his return to Barcelona he enjoyed success with the objects he made in cut bronze and jewels. In 1924 he settled once more in Paris where he had a workshop in which he made large pieces out of thick metal. He created sculptures for the 1929 World's Fair in Barcelona and for other events in Barcelona and New York.

Gargallo suffered from fulminating bronchial pneumonia, causing his early death in 1934. His work ranges from art nouveau to expressionism and cubism. In 1985 the Pablo Gargallo Museum was opened in Zaragoza.

Work: 'Le ProhÍte' (1933, bronze).


"El Profeta".
Picture by Pat/Androom (Jun 1998)


Den Haag Sculptuur 98, Connaissance des Arts, Paris, 1998
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