Pechmann, Heinrich, Freiherr von

BORN 26 Feb 1774, Regen, Bayern - DIED 4 Jul 1861, München, Bayern
GRAVE LOCATION München, Bayern: Alte Südfriedhof, Thalkirchnerstrasse 17 (14-11-18/19)

Heinrich von Pechmann was educated at the military academy in Ingolstadt. He became a lieutenant in the army and he was decorated for his actions in 1796. In 1800/1801 he participated in a campaign against France and in 1804 he left the army.

He studied building and entered into the service of the state. In 1809 he became the director of street and river construction in Würzburg. He married Maria Barbara in 1812 and they had eleven children.

In 1818 he moved to Munich where he became a building director. His most important work was the planning and the building of the Ludwig Channel between the Donau and the Main. The project started in 1826 and the planning was completed in 1830. He was removed from the project in 1843 but he was rehabilitated by the king personally and the channel was opened in 1846. In the summer of 1852 he was in a boat on his channel and at this time he started writing a book about the construction of the channel.

15/7/1846Opening of the Ludwigskanal between the Donau and the Main. Construction had taken place between 1836 and 1845 under the reign of Ludwig I. The channel connected Bamberg and Kelheim. [Ludwig I, König von Bayern]


The grave of Heinrich Pechmann at the Alte Südfriedhof, München.
Picture by Androom (22 Aug 2008)


Alte Südfriedhof, München, München
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