Uhse, Bodo

BORN 12 Mar 1904, Rastatt, Baden-Württemberg - DIED 2 Jul 1963, Berlin
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Dorotheenstädtischen Friedhof, Chausseestrasse (CH-1-9)

Bodo Uhse came from a family with a strong military tradition. He took part in the Kapp Putsch of 1920 and as an active member of the nazi party he edited one of their newspapers. In 1930 he left the NSDAP and joined the Communist Party. After Hitler rose to power he worked as a journalist in exile in France, Spain and Mexico. In 1936 he lost his German citizenship.

In 1940 he settled in Mexico City where he knew Ludwig Renn and other Germans in exile. In 1944 he published his novel "Leutnant Bertram". It was translated in several languages. In 1948 he returned to East Germany where he became the editor of "Aufbau" and joined the socialist party. In 1958 he lost his editorship. He died in 1963 in Berlin.


The grave of Bodo Uhse at the Dorotheenstädtischen Friedhof, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (21 Jan 2004)


Berlin Dorotheenstädtischen Friedhof, Berlin
Wikipedia (EN): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodo_Uhse

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