Mörike, Eduard

BORN 8 Sep 1804, Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg - DIED 4 Jun 1875, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg
GRAVE LOCATION Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg: Pragfriedhof, Friedhofstrasse 44

Eduard Mörike started his education in 1818 at the theological seminar in Urach. In 1822 he continued his studies at the Stift in Tübingen. Between 1826 and 1834 he worked as a vicar in several small places. In 1834 he became vicar at Cleversulzbach, where he started writing.

For reasons of health he had to give up his work as a vicar in 1843 and he lived with his sister as an independent writer. He married Margarethe Speeth in 1851, but the marriage failed. From 1851 until 1866 he taught at the Katharineum in Stuttgart and during this period he wrote "Das Stuttgarter Hutzelmännlein".

Mörike knew Ludwig Uhland, Theodor Storm and Paul Heyse and he was a friend of Moritz von Schwindt. Many of his poems were put to music by well known composers. There is work by his hand in the collection of the National Literature Archive in Marbach.

Related persons
• was visited by Hebbel, Friedrich
• knew Heyse, Paul
• was a friend of Schwindt, Moritz von
• knew Uhland, Ludwig
• was a friend of Waiblinger, Wilhelm


The grave of Eduard Mörike at the Pragfriedhof, Stuttgart.
Picture by Androom (31 Jan 2007)


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