Zambelli, Lega

BORN c1770, Brisighella, Ravenna - DIED 1847, London: 14 Cromer Street, Brunswick Square
BIRTH NAME Zambelli, Antonio Tomasso Lega

Son of Giovanni Lega. He was predestined to enter church, but during the war over the papal states between Napoleon and Austria ruined his family that lost the castle of Varnello (family property since 1250). Zambelli joined the Carbonari.

He was secretary and legal adviser to Lord Byron in Venice and in Greece (In later years many interesting information on Byron's financial matters was revealed thanks to his precise accounts). Zambelli was the lover of perhaps husband of Francesca Silvestrini (a sister of Maria, Contessa de Rossi and companion and servant to Teresa Guccioli). Their daughter Aspatia Andriana was born on 15 Mar 1817 and died in London in 1890. Zambelli himself died in exile in England in 1847 at the house he shared with his daughter and son-in-law.

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• Kingston Stocking, Marion, The Journals of Claire Clairmont, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1968
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