Goodman, Julia

BORN 12 Nov 1812, London - DIED 30 Dec 1906, Brighton, East Sussex
BIRTH NAME Salaman, Julia
GRAVE LOCATION London: Golders Green's Jewish Cemetery, Hoop Lane

Julia Goodman was born Julia Salaman. She was the daughter of Simeon Kensington Salaman (b.1789) and Alice Cowan, who had twelve children. In 1836 she married the linen draper Louis Goodman.

Julia studied under one of the pupils of Sir Joshua Reynolds, Robert Faulkner. At first she copied paintings by old masters, but she started exhibiting her own portraits at the Royal Academy in 1838 and she became a successful portrait painter.

She exhibited for over 50 years at the Royal Academy in London. Among the portraits she painted was that of John Fane, 11th Earl of Westmorland (Royal Academy of Music, London).


The grave of Julia Goodman on Golders Green's Jewish Cemetery, London.
Picture by Androom (17 Mar 2006)


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