Otto I, könig von Bayern

BORN 27 Apr 1848, München, Bayern - DIED 11 Oct 1916, München, Bayern: Schloss Fürstenried
BIRTH NAME Otto Wilhelm Luitpold Adalbert Waldemar von Wittelsbach
GRAVE LOCATION München, Bayern: Michaelskirche, Neuhauserstrasse 6

King Otto I of Bavaria was born in 1848 as the son of king Maximilian II and queen Marie Friederike of Prussia. His older brother Ludwig was crown prince. During his youth he mostly lived at Hohenschwangau. His parents took little personal attention of their sons, leaving their education to others. The summer holidays were spent in Berchtesgaden.

In 1864 he started his military education and in the same year his brother became king. In 1865 the first indications of a mental disturbance appeared. In 1866 he was placed in active military service and he participated in the war of 1866 against Prussia and in the war against France in 1870-1871. When the German Empire was declared in Versailles in 1871 he represented Bavaria together with his uncle Luitpold.

His mental condition detoriated and on 21 May 1871 he was placed under supervision. In 1872 it became clear that he suffered from insanity and in 1873 he was isolated at the Southern Wing of Nymphenburg Castle. In 1875 he disturbed a church service by storming in and starting to confess his sins loudly. his last public appearance took place on 22 Aug 1875.

In 1880 his condition worsened and from 1883 onwards he was held at Schloss Fürstenried. His brother Ludwig II used to visit him at night. After Ludwig's death in 1886 Otto became king of Bavaria. His uncle Luitplod became prince regent. In 1912 Luitpold died and his son Ludwig became regent of Bavaria. In 1913 he was declared King and Bavaria effectively had two kings until Otto's death in 1916.

Related persons
• had as physician Gudden, Bernard von
• had as regent Luitpold, Prince Regent of Bavaria


The sarcophagus of King Otto of Bavaria at the Michaelskirche in Munich.
Picture by Androom (16 Aug 2012)


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