Gentils, Vic

BORN 18 Apr 1919, lfracombe, Devon - DIED 25 Feb 1997, Aalst, Oost-Vlaanderen
GRAVE LOCATION Antwerpen: Schoonselhof, Sint-Bernardsesteenweg, Hoboken (perk R (erekerkhof))

Vic Gentils was born in England as the son of a French father and a Belgian mother. He studied in Antwerp at the Koninklijke Akademie voor Schone Kunsten (1934 to 1938) and the Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten (1940 to 1942). His early paintings were expressionistic.

During the 1950s he moved away from painting and used different kinds of material for his objects. In 1958 he was among the founders of the 'G 58' group in Antwerp. During the 1960s he started making reliefs and assemblies of mutated objects. In 1977 he was knighted. His work can be seen at the Museum voor Schone Kunsten in Antwerp.


The grave of Vic Gentils at the Schoonselhof, Antwerpen.
Picture by Androom (27 Jul 2002)


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