Ferdinand I, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire

BORN 10 Mar 1503, Alcala de Henares - DIED 15 Jul 1564, Wien
GRAVE LOCATION Praha: St. Vitus Cathedral

Ferdinand I was a son of Philip the Handsome, Duke of Burgundy and Joanna of Castile. Charles V was his older brother. He acted as his brother's substitute and for him he ruled the Austrian hereditary lands (now Austria and Slovenia). After Louis II of Bohemia was killed at the batttle of of Mohács he became King of Bohemia in 1528. He treid to gain control over Hungary as well, but in 1533 he was forced to make peace with the Turks and Hungary was divided into two parts.

In 1547 a rebellion against him took place in Bohemia, but he suppressed it with the help of his brother Charles. He strongly supported the counter-reformation and he welcomed the Jesuits to Vienna (1551) and Prague (1556). When Charles retired in 1558 he succeeded him as Holy Roman Empire, dying himself six years later.


The tomb of emperor Ferdinand I at the St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague.
Picture by Androom (17 Aug 2000)


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