Breyer, Gyula

BORN 30 Apr 1893, Budapest - DIED 9 Nov 1921, Bratislava
CAUSE OF DEATH heart attack
GRAVE LOCATION Budapest: Kerepesi cemetery (33/3-1-6)

Gyula Breyer was a strong chess player from an early age. He is best known from the Breyer Gambit, a variation of the King's Gambit. In 1911 he defeated Lasker (who was World Champion until that year) in Budapest with the black pieces in only 21 moves during a simultaneous exhibition. In 1912 he won the championship of Hungary. In 1917 he was among the best ten players in the world.

In 1918 he married Teréz Balikó (d.1935). In 1920 they moved to Bratislava were he started an engineering company that was little successful. In 1921 they had a daughter.

In 1921 he played blind on 25 boards at the same time, a world record. During the same year he suddenly died of a heart attack in Bratislava, aged only 28. He was buried in Bratislava, but in 1987 his remains were moved to the Kerepesi Cemetery in Budapest.


The grave of Gyula Breyer at the Kerepesi cemetery in Budapest.
Picture by androom (20 Aug 2006)


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