Espronceda Y Delgado, José de

BORN 25 Mar 1808, Almendralejo, Badajoz, Extremadura - DIED 23 May 1842, Madrid
BIRTH NAME Espronceda y Delgado, José Ignacio Javier Oriol Encarnación de
CAUSE OF DEATH diphtheria
GRAVE LOCATION Madrid: Cementerio de San Justo (Patio de Santa Gertrudis (3e Sección): Panteon des Hombes Illustres, Vault 5)

Rebellious romantic poet José de Esponceda Y Delgado studied with Alberto Lista at the Colegio San Mateo in Madrid. Whenhe was only fifteen years old he formed a secret society together with friends. Their aim was to conspire against Ferdinand VII because of the death of Rafael del Riego. He was arrested and imprisoned in a monastery. There he started his historical poem "El Pelayo".

Exile followed and he lived in Portugal, Belgium, France, England and the Netherlands. In 1833 he returned to Spain where he was active in political circles of the extreme left. He had an affair with Teresa Mancha and for her he wrote "Canto a Teresa".


The grave of José de Espronceda at the Cementerio de San Justo, Madrid.
Picture by Androom (07 May 2012)


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