Chadwick, Lynn

BORN 24 Nov 1914, London: Ivy Cottage, Station Road, Barnes - DIED 25 Apr 2003, Stroud, Gloucestershire: Lypiatt Park
GRAVE LOCATION Stroud, Gloucestershire: Lypiatt Park

Worked from 1933 until 1933 as an architectural draughtsman in London and was a farm labourer and in the Fleet Air Arm as a pilot (1941-1944) before he started making mobile constructions in 1947, using balsa wood and aluminium wire. These constructions were first shown in London in 1949.

Chadwick won the International Sculpture Prize at the 28th Venice Biennale and many other awards. In 1958 he bought Lypiatt Park, near Stroud in Gloucestershire, where he created a permanent exhibition of his work. In 1964 he was awarded a CBE. Chadwick continued working in old age. He died at the time that a retrospective at the Tate Britain in London was in preparation.


'Couple on Seat'.
Picture by Pat/Androom (Jun 1998)


Den Haag Sculptuur 98, Connaissance des Arts, Paris, 1998
Den Haag Sculptuur 1999, 1999

Chadwick, William

Published: 01 Jan 2006
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