Beets, Nicolaas

BORN 13 Sep 1814, Haarlem, Noord-holland - DIED 18 Mar 1903, Utrecht
GRAVE LOCATION Utrecht, Utrecht: 1e Algemene Begraafplaats Soestbergen, Gansstraat 167 (9-35)

Nicolaas Beets was the son of a pharmacist. He studied theology in Leiden. In 1840 he started as a Minister in Heemstede at the Dutch Reformed Church. Ha married Aleida van Foreest in the same year. She was the sister of his friend Cornelis van Foreest (1817-1875).

His friend John Ingram Lockhart (1812-1889) introduced him to the work of Lord Byron and Byron influenced his poetry. His best known works is the collection of stories "Camera Obscura" (1839), which he wrote under the pseudoym Hildebrand.

In 1851 he joined the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. In 1854 he moved to Utrecht, where he was a professor of church history at Utrecht University.

Related persons
• was influenced by Byron, George Noel Gordon


The grave of Nicolaas Beets at the Soestbergen Begraafplaats, Utrecht.
Picture by Androom (03 Aug 2012)


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