Chabot, Henk

BORN 2 Aug 1894, Sprang, Noord-Brabant - DIED 2 May 1949, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland
BIRTH NAME Chabot, Hendrikus
GRAVE LOCATION Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland: Protestantse Begraafplaats Hillegersberg, Kerkstraat 43 (A 005)

The expressionist painter Hendrik Chabot moved to Rotterdam with his parents in 1906. There he took evening lessons at the Rotterdamse Academie where Antoon Derkzen van Angeren taught him etching. In 1915 he started working as a restorer and from 1916 he had his own studio. In the 1920s he visited Dresden, Municb and Vienna. Soon afterwards he created his first sculptures. In 1927 he married Antonia Tolenaars.

From the 1930s he concentrated mostly on painting and he often depicted the the harbour and the city of Rotterdam. He joined the art group kunstenaarsgroep R 33 but it was discontinued in 1940. In 1934 he moved to Bergschenhoek with his wife. He often exhibited at Carel van Lier's gallry in Amsterdam. In 1943 he created a series of works on the theme of 'flight'. Also during the war he painted "Brand van Rotterdam" ("Fire of Rotterdam"). He died in 1949 in Rotterdam. A selection of his works is now in the Chabot Museum for international expressionism in Rotterdam.


The grave of Hendrik Chabot at the Protestant Cemetery in Hillegersberg, Rotterdam.
Picture by Androom (22 Jul 2022)


De beeldhouwer en kunstschilder Henk Chabot (1894-1949)

Chabrol, Claude

Published: 22 Jul 2022
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