Collins, William

BORN 18 Sep 1788, London: Great Titchfield Street - DIED 17 Feb 1847, London: Devonport Street
CAUSE OF DEATH heart disease
GRAVE LOCATION London: St. Mary on Paddington Green Churchyard, Paddington Green, Paddington (St Mary's Gardens, north side)

Landscape painter William Collins was the son of a picture-dealer and author of the same name. He studied at the schools of Royal Academy of Art at the same time as Walter Etty and soon exhibited his paintings there. In 1811 he sold "The Young Fifer" to the Marquis of Stafford. In 1812 "The Sale of the Pet Lamb" made him famous. Sir Robert Peel and Lord Liverpool became his patrons. In 1814 he became an associate member of the Royal Academy. In 1815 he travelled to the coast and "Scene on the Coast of Norfolk" was bought by the Prince Regent. In 1820 he was elected a full member of the Royal Academy. In 1822 he married Harriet Geddes, a sister of the painter Margaret Sarah Carpenter. They had two sons, the author wilkie and the painter Charles.

In 1828 he travelled in the Netherlands and in Belgium. In 1836 he went to Italy with his family and they stayed there until 1838. An illness forced him to return to England. There he painted scenes from Italian life. He was the librarian of the Royal Academy from 1840 to 1842. In 1840 he visited Germany and in 1842 he went to the Shetland Islands. His "Early Morning" was praised by John Ruskin. He died from a heart disease in 1847.

• Son: Collins, Wilkie
• Son: Collins, Charles Allston

Related persons
• travelled with Leslie, Charles

23/2/1847Burial of William Collins at Paddington Green Churchyard. At the Saint Mary on Paddington Green Churchyard in London. He was buried in the grave where his mother Margaret and his brother Frank were buried before. Among those present were his wife Harriet, his sons Wilkie and Charles, the painters Thomas Uwins and Charles Leslie and his friend Joseph Bullar as well as his brother John Bullar. [Collins, Charles Allston][Collins, Wilkie][Leslie, Charles]


The grave of William Collins at St. Mary on Paddington Green Churchyard, London.
Picture by Androom (02 Aug 2019)


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