Dubuffet, Jean

BORN 31 Jul 1901, Le Havre, Seine-Maritime - DIED 12 May 1985, Paris
GRAVE LOCATION Tubersent, Pas-de-Calais: Cimetière, Impasse de l'église

Jean Dubuffet is regarded as the most important representative of the 'Art Brut' movement. In Paris he knew Suzanne Valadon, Raoul Dufy and Max Jacob. He gave up professional painting in 1924 to work in the family wine-business according to the wishes of his first wife Paulette Bret and his family. In 1937 he married his second wife Emilie Carlu and after the war (he served in the French Air Force) he gave all his time to painting.

His use of a mixture of glue, putty and other materials instead of paint shocked many of his contemporaries. In 1947 he first exhibited in the USA. Through the years many retrospectives of his work took place. Dubuffet destroyed nearly all the work he had made before his fortieth year.

Work: 'Tour aux figures II' (1985-1986).

Related persons
• knew Dufy, Raoul
• knew Valadon, Suzanne


'Tour aux figures II'.
Picture by Pat/Androom (Jun 1998)


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Duc, Joseph-Louis

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