Münter, Gabriele

BORN 19 Feb 1877, Berlin - DIED 19 May 1962, Murnau, Bayern
GRAVE LOCATION Murnau, Bayern: Kirchhof, Mayr-Graz-Weg 8 (left in front (seen from the church))

Gabriele Münter came from a wealthy family that had lived in the USA for a long time. She grew up in westphalia and in Koblenz. In 1898-1899 she visited relatives in the USA.

As a female, she wasn't allowed to study art in Berlin. She moved to Munich, where in 1902 she was admitted to the Phalanx School that accepted female students. It was founded by Kandinsky, who became her teacher. She travelled widely (sometimes together with Kandinsky) and in 1906-1907 she lived in Pairs for a year. In 1907 she lived with Kandinsky in Berlin.

In 1908 they returned to Munich and visited Murnau am Staffelsee, where she, Kandinsky, Alexej Jawlensky and Marianne Werefkin would worked. Here she found her basic style. She bought a house in Murnau in 1909. Kandinsky stayed with her frequently until 1914. In 1911 they founded the expressionist group Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider).

During the First World War they fled to Switzerland, but Kandinsky was forced to go to Moscow. She waited for him in Stockholm in 1915 and in 1916 she met him for the last time. From 1917 to 1920 she lived in Copenhagen and from 1920 until 1925 she lived in Bavaria. In 1925 she returned to Berlin, where she met the historian Johannes Eichner.

From 1931 onwards she lived in Murnau. In 1933 Eigner moved in with her. During the nazi era she led a reclusive life but she was never forced to stop working. She died in 1962 in Murnau, where her small house is now a museum.

Related persons
• cooperated with Macke, August
• was a friend of Werefkin, Marianne von

0/0/1957Gabriele Münter gives a collection of paintings to the Lenbachhaus. She did this on the occasion of her eightieth birthday and she gave the Lenbachhaus works by herself as well as by Kandinski and other Blaue Reiter painters. 


The grave of Gabriele Münter at the cemetery in Murnau, Bavaria.
Picture by Androom (13 July 2004)


"Allee im Park St. Cloud".
   (1906, München: Städtische Galerie in Lenbachhaus)

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