Ionides, Constantine Alexis

BORN 14 May 1833, Manchester - DIED 29 Jun 1900, Brighton, East Sussex
GRAVE LOCATION Hove, East Sussex: Hove Cemetery, Old Shoreham Road

Constantine Ionides was the eldest son of the businesman and art collector Alexander Constantine Ionides. When he was seventeen years old he joined his father's business in Manchester. In 1822 he represented the business in the grain trade in Romania.

In 1827 he married Agathonike Fenerli in Constantinople. They had eight children and lived in London. From 1866 onwards he had his own company as stock and share brokers at the London Stock Exchange. In 1882 he retired. He had made himself a fortune and bought a house in Hove, East Sussex.

In the 1890s he lived there with his art collection. The painter Alphonse Legros was a personal friend as well as his advisor on art. He acquired works by Delacroix, Degas, Millet and Rousseau. He is best remembered for his huge bequest of paintings to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

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• owned work of Degas, Edgar Germain Hilaire

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