Saalborn, Louis

BORN 13 Jun 1891, Rotterdam - DIED 18 Jun 1957, Amsterdam
REAL NAME Zaalborn, Louis Alexander Abraham
GRAVE LOCATION Amsterdam: Nieuwe Oosterbegraafplaats, Kruislaan 126 (03-41-014)

Louis Saalborn was the son of the director Alexander Zaalborn and the actress Jeanette de Groot. He studied acting under Willem Royaards in 1912 and as an artist he was a pioneer of abstract art in the Netherlands. In 1916 he started the group "Genootschap De Anderen" together with Erich Wichman and Theo van Doesburg. After 1920 he concentrated on still lifes. In 1922 he married Hélène Adèle Henriette Hoos and they had one child, the actress Liane Saalborn.

Allthough he continued his painting, his acting had prevailed ever since the time he was with Royaards. He had own theatre companies that performed at the Stadschouwburg in Amsterdam and in 1934 he directed the movie "Op Hoop van Zegen". As a nacvtor he was in the Dutch movies "eerde de film "Op Hoop van Zegen" (1934) en speelde in de films "Het Mysterie van de Mondscheinsonate" (1935) and "De Man zonder Hart" (1937).

After the German occupation of the Netherlands in 1940 he was forced to discontinue his activities because he had two Jewish grandparents. After the war he worked as a director with the acting company START and the Amsterdams Toneelgezelschap. By 1953 his health was declining and his acting and directing became scarce. In 1957 together with his son in law Lo van Hensbergen he founded the Zuidelijk Toneel. He died in 1957.

• Daughter: Saalborn, Liane


The grave of Louis Saalborn and Liane Saalborn at Nieuwe Ooster cemetery, Amsterdam.
Picture by Androom (23 May 2008)


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