Schneidhuber, August

BORN 8 May 1887, Traunstein - DIED 30 Jun 1934, München: Gefängnis Stadelheim
GRAVE LOCATION München, Bayern: Ostfriedhof (40-6-13 (ashes))

August Scheidhuber commanded an artillery battery during the First World War and received a Cross of Honour in 1914. He married a Jewish woman, Franziska Wassermann (b.1892). They had two children but they divorced in 1920. In the 1920s he met Adolf Hitler and in 1928 he joined the SA. In 1932 he was put in command of the SA-Obergruppe VII in Munich and its surroundings. Also in 1932 he was elected into the Reichstag for Hessen-Darmstadt.

In 1933 he succeeded Himmler as president of the police in Munich. During the Knight of the Long Knives he was arrested in the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior. Hitler himself took away his decorations from his uniform and he was executed by an SS firing squad in the Stadelheim Prison in Munich.

His first wife was imprisoned and deported to Theresienstadt in July, 1942. There she was freed in May, 1945.


The grave of August Schneidhuber at the Ostfriedhof, Munich.
Picture by Androom (24 Aug 2011)


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