Ridel-Buff, Amalie

BORN 10 Jun 1765, Wetzlar, Hessen - DIED 9 Mar 1848, Weimar, Thüringen
REAL NAME Buff, Amalie
GRAVE LOCATION Weimar, Thüringen: Friedhof vor dem Frauentor (Alter Friedhof) (Erbbegräbnis Ridel, upper western wall)

Amalie Ridel-Buff was a younger sister of Charlotte Buff, who was loved by Goethe at the time she married Johann Kestner. Amalie married Johann Kornelius Rudolf Ridel, who raised prince Karl Friedrich at the court of Weimar.

When Charlotte and her daughter Clara visited Amalie in 1816 in Weimar, Charlotte met Goethe once more on September 25th. Goethe was godfather to a son of the Ridels.

Related persons
• is brother/sister of Kestner-Buff, Charlotte


The grave of Amalie Ridel-Buff at the Friedhof vor dem Frauenturm, Weimar.
Picture by Androom (05 Feb 2005)


• Dressler, Roland & Jochen Klauss, Weimarer Friedhöfe, Böhlau Verlag, Weimar, 1996

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