Dusík, Gejza

BORN 1 Apr 1907, Zavar - DIED 5 May 1988, Bratislava
GRAVE LOCATION Bratislava: Martinský cintorín (Section 13, grave 17)

Gezja Dusík is best known for his operattas and dance songs. He is also regarded as a pioneer of Slovakian popular music and Slovakian tango. One of his best known songs is "Dedinka v údoli" ("Village in the Valley"). He wrote over 10 operettas. In 1965 he received the title of Merited Artist and in 1988 the title of National Artist.

Virtuálne cintoríny - Virtuálny cintorín


The grave of Gezja Dusík at Martinský cintorín, Bratislava.
Picture by Androom (18 Sep 2004)


Duthuit, Georges

Published: 21 May 2016
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