Kemble, John Mitchell

BORN 2 Apr 1807, London - DIED 26 Mar 1857, Dublin
GRAVE LOCATION Dublin: Mount Jerome Cemetery, 158 Harold's Cross Road (3866)

Oldest son of the actor Charles Kemble. He was educated by Dr. Charles Richardson (1775-1865) and at the grammar school of Bury St Edmunds before he entered Trinity College, Cambridge. There his historical essays were much appreciated. In Göttingen he studied under Jacob Grimm and he developed a wide knowledge of the Teutonic languages. In 1838 he married Auguste Wendt, the daughter of Professor Amadeus Wendt from Göttingen. They had two daughters and a son. The elder daughter Gertrude married the singer Sir Charles Santley.

From 1835 to 1844 he was the editor of the British and Foreign Review and he examined plays from 1840 until his death. He died in Dublin in 1857.

• Father: Kemble, Charles
• Sister: Kemble, Fanny
• Sister: Kemble, Adelaide

Related persons
• was pupil to Grimm, Jacob Ludwig Karl


The grave of John Mitchell Kemble at Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin.
Picture by Androom (18 Aug 2016)


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