Ország, Lili

BORN 8 Aug 1926, Ungvár - DIED 7 Oct 1980, Budapest
GRAVE LOCATION Budapest: Farkasrét cemetery (19/3-1-41)

Lili Ország studied at the Academy of Fine Arts under Isvtán Szöni. She finished her studies in 1950 and developed a personal non-figurative style of painting in which she inhabited elements from surrealism.

She was often inspired by the past and used elements from ancient history and from disappeared cultures. She also designed puppets. She exhibited in many museum in Hungary and in Tel Aviv, Rome, Paris, Warsaw and Germany.

Budapesti Negyed 40-41-42. 2003/2-2003/4. - A Farkasréti temető 2003-ban (adattár)


The grave of Lili Ország at the Farkasrét cemetery, Budapest.
Picture by Androom (23 Aug 2002)


Osler, Abraham Follett

Published: 9 May 2010
Last update: 1 Nov 2017