Benoit, Peter

BORN 17 Aug 1834, Harelbeke - DIED 8 Mar 1901, Antwerpen
GRAVE LOCATION Antwerpen: Schoonselhof, Sint-Bernardsesteenweg, Hoboken

Peter Benoit studied in Brussels with F.J.Fétis and K.L. Hanssens. In 1856, aged only 22, he became the conductor of the Park Theatre Orchestra in Brussels. In 1857 he won the Prix de Rome and during the next years he travelled in Germany and France, where he was the conductor of the "Boufles-Parisiens" for a while.

In 1863 he returned to Belgium. He lived in Brussels until he settled in Antwerp in 1867. There he was the founder of the "Vlaamsche Muziekschool" ("Flemish School of Music"). In 1897 his school was promoted to the "Koninklijk Vlaamsch Muziekconservatorium" ("Royal Flemish Conservatory") and he became its first director.

His own music was at first experimental, but when his teaching became more important he mainly wrote music that could be understood more easily.

Related persons
• had work performed by Degive-Ledelier, Valentine


The grave of Peter Benoit at the Schoonselhof, Antwerpen.
Picture by Androom (27 Jul 2002)


Peter Benoit

Bentley, Richard

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